Who is benefiting from the Foundation right now?

A. Children from communities across the Central Region…

Chance 2 Grow

Chance 2 Grow

Chance 2 Grow funds a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities for children from music lessons, art and dance classes, to gymnastics, swimming, and figure skating. Includes hockey registration in our southern region.

This program will pay registration for a myriad of activities upon request.

Chance 2 Camp

Chance2Camp-SidebarChance 2 Camp is the core program funded by the Foundation and a project near and dear to our heart. Summer Camperships to a maximum of $400.00 per child are awarded to children who, because of economic circumstances in their families, would not otherwise have the opportunity for a summer camp experience.

A university student coordinator for the program is hired annually in April by the Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba Agency. All schools in the Central Region are asked to refer potential campers to the program after discussion with their parents. In the summer of 2010, one hundred and seventy-five (175) children from the Central Region were supported to go to camp. The program is run by Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba but the child’s family does not need to be involved with the Agency in any way to qualify.
For more information, call 1-204-857-8751.

Arron’s Chance 2 Play Hockey

Chance2Play-SidebarSometimes we all need a little help. When NHL’er Arron Asham was growing up, members of the community were there for him and supported his efforts on and off the ice. Each year Arron hosts a Charity Golf Tournament with the proceeds going directly to the Arron’s Chance 2 Play Hockey program.

The goal of the program is to provide hockey opportunities for area children despite the difficult economic circumstances of their families. A maximum of $400.00 per child is awarded to children for registration or equipment or transportation. In the hockey season 2009/10, 23 children received funding for hockey related expenses. The program is run by Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba, but the child’s family does not need to be involved with the Agency in any way to qualify.

For more information, call 1-204-857-8751.

B. Clients of agencies approved for funding

The Foundation does not pay for services that are the legitimate responsibility of Government. It does pay for programs and services that are provided by agencies that may be primarily funded by Government provided the service or program is not eligible for Government funding and the organization meets the criteria set by the Foundation for funding.

Annually Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba applies to the Foundation to support the following services to augment existing Government funded programs.

♦ Emergency Assistance

Child and Family Services After-Hours Emergency staff occasionally encounter families who have an immediate critical need related to the care of their children (i.e. diapers, milk, and groceries). Where no other means of getting money is immediately available, staff are able to access a small fund to ensure the immediate well-being of the children. These dollars are only allocated with supervisory authority.

♦ Foster Family Christmas Party

Each year the Agency, with funding from the Foundation and in partnership with many businesses across the Central Region, organizes a banquet and activity evening for foster children and their foster families across the region. The business community donates numerous gifts of toys for the many children who attend the banquet. Christmas is a difficult time for children who are separated from their families. This special evening brings a smile to the face of every child in attendance and helps them to forget for a moment the circumstances that have caused them to be in care.

♦ Tuition for former Wards

From time to time across the region, the Agency has permanent wards that leave care and continue with studies at University or Community College. For children who are in the care of an Agency, leaving care with no family to return to is one of the most anxiety-provoking times in their lives. Social Workers assist children leaving care in planning for the future. Funds to cover tuition from the Foundation are one way in which they are supported to move forward and to become productive members of society.

♦ Bursaries

Child and Family Services of Central Manitoba encourages students to come to the Central Region to do Bachelor of Social Work field studies with the Agency through its application to the Foundation to support bursaries on an annual basis. A bursary of up to $500.00 is available to senior B.S.W. students at the University of Manitoba or other schools offering social work programs. The fund also includes money to provide a Performance Bursary to the Summer Campership Co-ordinator at the conclusion of their summer employment with the Agency.

♦ Other

From time to time the Agency applies to the Foundation to support individual situations within families which may arise and where the fund is the only available option. Some examples in the past have been violin lessons for a gifted child who would not otherwise have been able to afford them, sports equipment to promote interest and activity for children who have no other recreational avenues, etc.

…because kids matter